Data Science for Beginners

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Download Free Data Science for Beginners 2 Books in 1.These books not only Deep learning for beginners but also machine learning with python.

Are you fascinated by Data Science but it seems too complicated?

Do you want to learn everything about Artificial Intelligence but it looks like it is an exclusive club?

If this is you, please keep reading: you are in the right place, looking at the right book.

What you can learn in this book:

  • Since you are reading these lines you have probably already noticed this: Artificial Intelligence is all around you. Your smartphone that suggests you the next word you want to type, your Netflix account that recommends you the series you may like or Spotify‚Äôs personalised playlists. This is how machines are learning from you in everyday life. And these examples are only the surface of this technological revolution.

WriterRussel R. Russo
Publishing Year2020
FormatTrue(PDF, EPUB)
Size5.8 MB

Data Science for Beginners Download Link

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