Deep Learning for Computer Vision with SAS

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Download Free Deep Learning for Computer Vision with SAS Book that book a introduction of deep learning and gain depth knowledge with SAS.

Overview of Book Description:

Deep Learning with SASĀ®: An Introduction introduces the pivotal components of deep learning. Readers will gain an in-depth understanding of how to build deep feedforward and convolutional neural networks, as well as variants of denoising autoencoders. Transfer learning is covered to help readers learn about this emerging field. Containing a mix of theory and application, this book will also briefly cover methods for customizing deep learning models to solve novel business problems or answer research questions. SAS programs and data are included to reinforce key concepts and allow readers to follow along with included demonstrations.

Readers will learn how to:

Define and understand deep learning

  • Build models using deep learning techniques and SAS Viya
  • Apply models to score (inference) new data
  • Modify data for better analysis results
  • Search the hyperparameter space of a deep learning model
  • Leverage transfer learning using supervised and unsupervised methods

You can also related download:

WriterRobert Blanchard
Publishing Year2020
FormatTrue EPUB
Size7.7 MB

Deep Learning for Computer Vision with SAS Book Download Link

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