Hands on Hacking 1E PDF E-Book

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Download Free Hands on Hacking 1E PDF E-Book that a fast, hands-on introduction to offensive hacking techniques and much more.

A fast, hands-on introduction to offensive hacking techniques.

Hands-On Hacking teaches readers to see through the eyes of their adversary and apply hacking techniques to better understand real-world risks to computer networks and data. Readers will benefit from the author’s years of experience in the field hacking into computer networks and ultimately training others in the art of cyber-attacks. This book holds no punches and explains the tools, tactics and procedures used by ethical hackers and criminal crackers alike.

Overview of book Description:

  • We will take you on a journey through a hacker’s perspective when focused on the computer infrastructure of a target company, exploring how to access the servers and data. Once the information gathering stage is complete, you’ll look for flaws and their known exploits―including tools developed by real-world government financed state-actors.
  • An introduction to the same hacking techniques that malicious hackers will use against an organization
  • Written by infosec experts with proven history of publishing vulnerabilities and highlighting security flaws
  • Based on the tried and tested material used to train hackers all over the world in the art of breaching networks
  • Covers the fundamental basics of how computer networks are inherently vulnerable to attack, teaching the student how to apply hacking skills to uncover vulnerabilities
  • We cover topics of breaching a company from the external network perimeter, hacking internal enterprise systems and web application vulnerabilities. Delving into the basics of exploitation with real-world practical examples, you won’t find any hypothetical academic only attacks here. From start to finish this book will take the student through the steps necessary to breach an organization to improve its security.
  • Written by world-renowned cybersecurity experts and educators, Hands-On Hacking teaches entry-level professionals seeking to learn ethical hacking techniques. If you are looking to understand penetration testing and ethical hacking, this book takes you from basic methods to advanced techniques in a structured learning format.

WriterMatthew Hickey, Jennifer Arcuri
Publishing Year2020
FormatTrue PDF
Size12.3 MB

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